US University Tours

Dear Education Agents, English Language Schools and Sponsor Agencies:

With over 30 years of experience, All Aboard Tours & Travel is a leader in the educational student tour industry in the United States. We are very excited to announce a new addition to our existing programs (College Tours, Early College Awareness Tours, Student Tours):
US University Tours for international students

Our goal is to help your International students maximize their opportunities for international and intercultural experiences with a sample of American college life, helping them understand the wide breadth of education options in the United States and consider a "right fit" scenario. US University Tours is the only tour operator that offers this unique service, which will help your college bound students make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

We are committed to promote education on a global scale by offering students a fun and informative look into the US higher education system. Our tours provide accurate, objective and comprehensive information through visits to college campuses across the United States. Our tours are custom designed to meet the objectives of our overseas partners who are the only ones that offer tours to prospective students. Our overseas partners are those who facilitate international education: education agents, English language schools and scholarship and sponsor agencies.

Examples of Tour Itineraries

Boston - New York 6-Day Tour
Boston - New York - Washington DC 12-Day Tour
Massachusetts College Tour
San Antonio - Dallas College Tour 6-Day Tour
West/East Coast College Tour 14-day tour
West/East Coast College Tour 21-day Tour
California - Washington State 15-Day Tour

We are presently seeking overseas partners to offer custom versions of our top quality group tours. Our professional tour planners work with each overseas partner to develop an itinerary and provide a wholesale cost. The overseas partner then brings the tours to their local market according to their own business objectives. For more information about getting started, please contact:

Mark Shay
Skype: USUniversityTours

Or visit our International Division's new web site - US University Tours for more details.